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Products and Solutions – Logistics

Advanced technology and functionality.


Choosing the solutions offered by Righi Elettroservizi SpA means relying on a reliable and organized partner, with all the necessary skills to manage large projects according to high quality and safety standards.
The capabilities of Righi Elettroservizi SpA range from the development of solutions to project management, from the revamping of existing plants to service.
We use standard Software and Hardware and above all our expertise on your processes and specific needs and problems, in order to provide specific solutions for each industrial sector.
There is great potential for improvement in logistics processes, from raw materials to production, to delivery of the finished product to the customer.
Automation, or rather the control of plant machines and devices, is based on a distributed PLC architecture and its latest generation field periphery.
The software consists of standard automation libraries, which have passed all functional and system tests.
The security issues emerging from the analysis conducted by our technicians are managed through the Profisafe technological platform through the use of the correct components (PLC, I / O, Driver and Failsafe network).
The plant supervision and monitoring functions are managed through our SCADA in the TIA software.
Righi Elettroservizi SpA has gained experience in programming programmable logics of the main brands (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Panasonic, ESAWare, Telemechanique, etc.) and with the main languages (Awl, Kop, Scl, Ladder, Codesys, etc.). ), HMI / SCADA programming with the main programs (WinCC Flexible, Movicon, EsaWare, Wonderware, etc.) Saving of data on the main relational databases (SQL Server, Oracle, Access, etc.) through scripts or Microsoft NET services.

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