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Industrial Automation Systems

A dedicated staff studies the connections between the various aspects of technology applied to companies and their production processes, contributing to the definition of new projects.


The design office of Righi Elettroservizi spa is made up of highly specialized personnel, engineers and industrial experts. Each project developed by Righi Elettroservizi, is the result of in-depth research in the field of plants, industrial automation and IT in general. The experience gained over the years allows it to obtain the best results in terms of performance, in addition to establishing the best value for money.


The wiring diagrams created comply with the reference standards of the country for which the product is intended: our team designs for European markets by applying the CEI Standards, for American markets by applying the UL Standards (Underwriter’s Laboratories Inc.), for the Canadian market the CSA Standard (Canadian Standard Association). For exports to the Russian Federation markets, we are able to provide GOST-R certifications. The Hardware office is equipped with the most modern work tools: for the optimization of projects, software applications are used such as Eplan, Spac Automation, Spac Plants, iDEA Electro Graphics, Autocad, applications for the calculation of cable sizing, overtemperature of the boards electric, and the best the market can offer.

Process and Instrumental Engineering, Plans

Process engineering for Righi Elettroservizi spa focuses on the design, management, control and optimization of chemical, physical and biological processes through the use of the most modern computer computing and simulation systems.
Each system is studied in relation to the requirements expected by the customer, compatibly with the operating and design conditions required, respecting the safety criteria imposed by the standards.

Main activities developed:


  • Optimization of energy consumption.
  • Issue of PFD flow diagrams (Process Flow Diagrams)
  • Issue of P&ID (Process & Instrumental Diagrams)
  • Definition of line specifications
  • List of electrical loads
  • Issuance of electrical balances
  • Calculations and dimensioning of earth installation
  • Calculation and dimensioning of electrical cables
  • Lighting calculations
  • Single-line and functional diagrams
  • Technical Data Sheets of electrical equipment
  • Assembly and detail drawings of electric utilities, cable ways and earth network
  • List of instruments and valves
  • Technical Data Sheets of instruments and valves
  • Assembly and detail drawings of tools, junction boxes and tubing paths
  • Typical tool assembly (hook-up)
  • Junction box wiring drawings
  • Issuing of wiring diagrams
  • Drafting of purchase technical specifications

User and Maintenance Manuals

Righi Elettroservizi spa accompanies the equipment produced and its systems in compliance with the reference standards, with precise instructions on how to keep the equipment in working condition according to the conditions established by the manufacturer, guaranteeing the safety of the operator and the environment, prolonging life systems useful and fault prevention.


The documents can be produced on the client’s model or available on different consolidated formats. It is possible to provide documentation translation in all languages and in .DOC, .PDF, .PUB, .TXT formats.

Energy efficiency

  • Energy audits, energy management in industrial facilities, energy balances and optimization of energy flows
  • Feasibility studies of energy efficiency interventions and consultancy for the rational use of energy
  • Consultancy for the implementation of energy monitoring systems
  • Consultancy for the implementation and management of SGE compliant with the ISO 50001 standard
  • Feasibility studies of RES plants (cogeneration, hydroelectric, photovoltaic, etc.)
  • Energy planning
  • Technical appraisals and due diligence in the fields of energy efficiency and RES plants
  • Checking services and realignment of invoices for electricity, gas and heat supply
  • Consultancy for district heating
  • Consultancy for obtaining, managing and selling Energy Efficiency
  • Certificates (TEE)