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Maintenance 4.0 with Righi Smart Service

Maintenance 4.0 with Righi Smart Service

Today, maintenance is not a choice, it is a legal obligation, regulated by legislative decree no. 81/2008.

With Smart Service, our aim is to change system maintenance from an annoying obligation into a smart, simple activity, guaranteeing a positive impact on your company situation.

Smart Service is an integrated service for:


  • Organization
  • Supervision
  • Maintenance
  • Emergency Service


for industrial sites.

Where do you intervene?


The Righi Smart Service software platform adapts to various intervention areas for a range of different dimensions:and sectors:


Electrical Systems


Medium Voltage Substations


Safety Systems


ICT SW Cyber Security






Photovoltaic Systems



Platform operation and characteristics

The Righi Smart Service is fully digital and accessible on line via computer and/or smartphone, using a dedicated app, and thanks to the QR Code system.


Along with the software platform, our service engineers will be there to accompany you everywhere.


A team of experts with excellent multidisciplinary expertise in industry, who, together with our efficient organisation, are able to provide you with prompt, timely answers, even in the most critical situations.


Smart Service can offer cutting-edge features, such as:


  • Digitalized Service System
  • Cloud storage for your documents
  • Remote monitoring of system status
  • Standard Maintenance Procedures

What are the benefits of Righi Smart Service?

  • Possibility of a totally customized service. Righi Smart Service can be tailored to suit individual customers, based on individual requirements.
  • Integration of data collected through monitoring, which is an essential aspect of assessing system trends, performance, and working hours.
  • Data and documents are easily sourced through the Cloud archive, which makes it possible to avoid time wasting.
  • Failures are on borrowed time, downtime can be managed far more quickly, avoiding loss of efficiency.
  • Deadlines will be kept under control, avoiding all unpleasant administrative sanctions.
  • There will be a cut in intervention times; diagnosis times will be reduced significantly, and maintenance will be just a click away.
  • Thanks to predictive scheduled maintenance, we can guarantee a long working efficiency for your systems.

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