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Industry 5.0

Industry 5.0 Innovate to compete

Righi Elettroservizi takes part in the fifth industrial revolution.


Thanks to our 30 years of experience, we can guide our customers towards a green and digital transition, providing the best solutions on the topics of automation, energy and digitalisation combined in an integrated project.


With Industry 5.0, we will be able to help our customers develop an innovative and strategic path and rethink their business models in order to concretely respond to the change required by the ecological transition, while maintaining the engine of prosperity.

Industry 5.0 focuses on collaboration between man and machine, sustainability and human creativity.
The aim is to respond to social and environmental needs, promoting the circular economy, corporate social responsibility and sustainable production for a future oriented towards the well-being of man and the planet.
One of the key objectives is to encourage the energy transition of production processes towards an energy-efficient, sustainable and renewable-based production model.

With Righi we continue to grow together with Industry 5.0.