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Righi Elettroservizi has always been looking for the best innovations on the market in order to increase the quality of service to its customers.

One of the company’s latest investments was the Autostore warehouse, developed by Dematic, with the aim to automate the company’s logistics process.


Autostore is an automated storage system that uses robot boxes to move and organise products.

The shelves inside Autostore are controlled by a software that continuously monitors product availability and uses advanced algorithms to plan efficient utilisation of the warehouse.

The robotic system is able to move products within the shelf, pick them up and deliver them to a collection location.


A compact system, which, without requiring an increase in floor space, makes it possible to increase the amount of material stored. The new warehouse was integrated into the existing material storage context, giving a new boost in efficiency and quality.

For Righi Elettroservizi, Autostore has been instrumental in the faster and more precise handling of large quantities of articles, which will enable the company to meet the increased production volumes expected in the coming years.

With the new warehouse, the expectation is to speed up the completion of orders and meet our customers’ needs more quickly. Consequently increasing their level of satisfaction.

With data in hand, a picking is completed in 35 seconds, a time saving of 50%.

Autostore has also made possible a marked improvement in the traceability of materials; the company knows exactly the path of the material (arrival – storage – exit) within its warehouse.


At the end, a further plus was the possibility of full integration between Autostore and the company’s WMS management system. Without the use of new software, therefore, warehouse operators can manage material within the new system.

Righi Elettroservizi chose Dematic to automate its logistics processes with Autostore “Dematic is not only a supplier, it is also our customer. We placed our trust in a company that we knew to be reliable, highly competent and trustworthy. The Dematic team was able to meet our requirements and provide a solution tailored to our needs.” Says Luca Righi Operation and Supply Manager at Righi Elettroservizi Spa.