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Start Up and After Sales

Start Up and After Sales

Assistance and Works Supervision

Righi Elettroservizi spa completes the services and products offered, providing work assistance and supervision.
Our staff, strengthened by the experience gained over the years, is able to assist the client during all stages of implementation to complete the services and products offered, Righi Elettroservizi spa provides assistance and supervision to the work of:


  • Construction assistance and supervision
  • Pre-commissioning and plan commissioning activities
  • Plan start-up activities
  • Final tests and assistance

After sales service

The staff of the company also carries out on-site and on-line training services, training the technicians in charge of monitoring and routine maintenance of the systems. The service is provided both in the start-up phase of a plant, and as an update for technicians operating on the plant itself.


The on-site assistance is carried out by the specialized engineers of Righi Elettroservizi spa, who make their skills available for extraordinary maintenance interventions. In the training phase, on the other hand, the skills necessary for the ordinary management of integrated systems or individual products are provided, so that the customer can be independent not only with regards to management, but also for a first level of intervention.


Assistance interventions are conducted directly by the operating office of Righi Elettroservizi spa. Usually this procedure is applied in cases where the control systems and panels provide for communication with the Righi Elettroservizi spa operations center.


The reporting provided by the system itself makes it possible to intervene even from a remote location and to resolve any problems.

Maintenance Service

The maintenance service is aimed at all types of interventions conducted by Righi Elettroservizi spa. It can be activated by signing multi-year contracts and set up customized formulas based on the specific needs of each order.

Spare Parts Management

Each of our products is made with components that are partly commercial and partly produced by Righi Elettroservizi spa. In the Righi Elettroservizi spa warehouse there are innumerable products that can be used for plant spare parts, in particular the following services are available:


  • Custom spare parts kit on the machine model
  • Support for spare part identification
  • Offices of DHL, UPS and GLS couriers resident in the Biesse spare parts warehouse with multiple daily withdrawals
  • Optimized processing times