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Construction of Electrical Panels

Construction of Electrical Panels

Production of electrical panels for industrial automation

Righi Elettroservizi spa produces electrical panels for the automation and control of industrial processes, the organization of skills and the industrialization of production processes based on Lean Production methodology, which allow the company to meet high quality standards.
The company designs and manufactures automation panels from construction to assembly, wiring and testing of equipment in accordance with the electromechanical project, construction specifications and current regulations:


  • Automation control systems for machines and systems
  • Low and medium voltage distribution control systems
  • Supervisory control systems for plants and machines

MCC Electric Panel Production

The switchboards of the TQM Multisystem Righi Elettroservizi spa line for the centralized control of motors are made with a modular construction concept that makes them extremely versatile, flexible and usable on any type of system.
The main feature is given by the extractability of the drawers, each containing the control and protection organs of a motor, which ensures the continuity of operation reducing to the minimum the out-of-service times due to a fault.
Righi Elettroservizi TQM Multisystem switchboards have been designed and built with particular attention to the following aspects:


  • Safety for personnel
  • Continuity in operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Flexibility of the schemes
  • Small footprint
  • Righi Elettroservizi TQM Multisystem switchboards are made with coupled columns and can be:
  • Single-sided (with the equipment drawers arranged only on the front front of the panel which can be set against the wall)
  • Double-sided (with the equipment drawers arranged on both the front and back)

PC Electrical Panel Production

Righi Elettroservizi spa TQM Multisystem distribution panels are intended for centralized low voltage electricity distribution systems. Modular with standardized elements, they are equipped with open and molded-case circuit-breakers in both fixed and withdrawable versions.


The panel is equipped with a certificate according to CEI EN 61439-1, IEC 61439-1, CEI EN 61439-2, IEC 61439-2, among which, with regard to the short-time current, the 100 kA test for 1 sec . In addition, the certified version according to the IEC / TR 61641 guide for the electric arc seal inside the structure with an arc test current of 65 kA for 0.5 sec is also available. And in spite of such failure conditions with this version of the switchboard there will be no emissions of either gas or potentially dangerous materials.