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Growth and Continuous Renewal

Righi Elettroservizi Spa was born on 10/01/1991 and today represents a leading company in the field of industrial automation, system integration and Information Technology.


Righi Elettroservizi Spa operates in Italy and worldwide directly or through subsidiaries and / or in partnership. Thanks to the technical / commercial preparation of the operational team, Righi Elettroservizi Spa has been offering for over 20 years a valid support to face and overcome the latest technological developments that the global market requires.


The organization of Righi Elettroservizi Spa concretely responds to the need to optimize work processes and this allows it to achieve high levels of quality in the services offered: the company is ISO 9001-2000 Certified Quality-System Member of CISQ Federation , and is an “Ethical” Company SA 8000, certification obtained in 2006.


A story full of evolutions and transformations, but always faithful to the values of competence and technological innovation. Righi Elettroservizi Spa bases its guidelines on the following principles:

• Innovation
• Competence
• Continuous improvement
• Attitude to Problem Solving


A dynamic company, which was able to get the opportunities of the global market and which faces new challenges, challenging but stimulating.



6.000 SQM of production area
2.000 SQM for offices and services
18.000 SQM of outdoor area



1.400 SQM of covered area
3.000 SQM of outdoor area



100 SQM of technical offices
200 SQM of warehouse



80 SQM of technical offices

Core Business

Righi Elettroservizi Spa is a supplier of multidisciplinary technologies, at the service of the industrial world, with the aim of acting as a single point of contact to meet the needs of its customers.


The company structure is organized by Business Unit, this approach allows to better express the competences related to the different technologies proposed.

What we do:

  • Hardware engineering development
  • Process and control software development
  • Construction of electrical switchboards
  • Construction of BT, PC and MCC panels
  • Systems for classified areas
  • Electrical installations in the field
  • Energy efficiency
  • Post-sales assistance
  • Special machinery
  • Maintenance

Business unit

A) Systems
B) Installations
C) Machines
D) Oil & Gas
E) Multisystems
F) Energy
G) Engineering
H) Software
I) Service
J) Contractor