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Automated cold storage “Orogel 3”

Automated cold storage “Orogel 3”

Country and reference standards

Cesena (FC), Italy (IEC)


Automated cold storage “Orogel 3”

Description of the supply

Executive design
Control and monitoring software in real-time of all plants
Supply of distributions plants, handling and utilities to fully serve the plant

Technology used

Transformers: Siemens Geafol high efficiency
Medium Voltage Protection Siemens 8DJH – 10.000
Electrical cabinets components: Siemens
Plc: Siemens S7 1500, Siemens ET200SP
Inverter Cold Storage Plant: ABB ACS880
Inverter Automation Plant: Siemens G120C, Siemens G110M
Motors: Sew high efficiency
Sensors: Ifm, Keyence, Sick, Pilz
Lighting: Xlite, Philips
Fire detection systems: Siemens

Distinctive elements

Transformation loss management
Harmonics containment
Sensor management using IO-link technology Automated lighting management via PLC and DALI system
Complete management of fire and gas detection system
Real-time monitoring of energy consumption
Real-time cell status monitoring through dedicated sensors
Integration of all networked systems with centralized control

Customers benefits

Possibility to check in real time the status of all the devices of the 4.0 structure and interact with them from the control room and remotely minimizing the use of personnel and reduction of machine and plant downtime.
Furthermore, thanks to the traceability of the stored products and the integration with the shipping system, it is possible to prepare in advance the product to be loaded on trucks in order to drastically reduce the loading and delivery time on the market.