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Mix and Match 4.0


Mix and Match 4.0 is the new software platform, the result of the experience gained in the world of dosages and transport. Thanks to this new technology we produce automation systems for conveying dusty and granular materials in suction compression and on belts in various sectors such as food, chemical plastics, and PVC production. These sectors require air handling of bulk materials, automation systems for pneumatic transport, also defined as “flow of suspended material” or “transport by air”, precisely because the particles are kept in suspension in the air along the pipe.

What are the benefits of the Mix and Match 4.0 platform?


Intuitive and simple visual interface. Real-time view of system status, alarms and diagnostics of all devices.


Traceability of raw materials.


Planning and automatic preparation of recipes on multiple lines.


Stock management in real time.


Maintenance planning.


Extensibility over time and ease of modification.


ERP dialogue with entry of final data on relational databases and data analysis.


Production monitoring. Possibility to create dosage reports, consumption, operator identification, manual dosage identification, etc.

What is the functioning of the Mix and Match 4.0 platform?

The management of the plants is managed by a software whose logics allow to control loads, doses and washes in a completely automatic way.


In detail:
Loading of silos / tanks: the automatic system controls the loading of the silos / tanks ensuring the safety of these operations by monitoring the connection of the trucks to the ground, the pressures inside the tanks and the product levels reached. In the event of danger, operations are inhibited and appropriate warnings are generated.


Dosage: repetitive and delicate operation that, controlled by automatic logics, allows to optimize the speed of execution and minimize errors. All operations are recorded for subsequent checks and/or to check the consumptions carried out.


Washing: for products that require pipe cleaning, the system is able to carry out the operation by making suitable detergents flow in quantities and times set by the operator, thus ensuring that the pipes are always left empty and without accumulations of product.

The operator has at his disposal an intuitive graphic interface (touch screen or pc) which allows to control the operation of the system by performing operations such as:


  • Setting and saving the recipe archive.
  • Selection and start of the recipe to be made.
  • Real-time control of planned operations.
  • Diagnosis of any malfunctions.
  • Analysis and historicization of final data.



  • HMI / SCADA programming with the main programs (WinCC Flexible, Movicon, EsaWare, Wonderware, etc.)
  • Programming of programmable logics of the main brands (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Panasonic, ESAWare, Schneider, Telemechanique, etc.) and with the main languages (Awl, Kop, Scl, Ladder, Codesys, etc.)
  • Saving of data on the main relational databases (SQL Server, Oracle, Access, etc.) through Microsoft .NET scripts or services

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