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Benecke – Kaliko India

Benecke-Kaliko India

Country and reference standards

India (IEC)


Automation of the entire production process for the production of automotive components with traceability of all production phases.

Description of the supply

Electrical engineering and automation of the entire production process with supply of electrical automation panels.

Technology used

Siemens S7 1500, Barcode Datalogic, stampanti Zebra.

Distinctive elements

System completely destroyed in the profinet network through the connection to 9 ET200SP distrubuted peripherals, use of 6 HMI, 4 Datalogic bar code readers, 3 Zebra label printers, 2 supervisors on the TIA Portal platform. The I / O physical points managed are over 1100.

Customers benefits

Real-time control and traceability extended to all production data through SAP system interconnection for order management, batch consolidation and production planning. Great satisfaction from the customer who after Benecke-Kaliko Mexico decided to invest on India and China.