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Cold 4.0


Cold 4.0 is the new software platform, the result of the experience gained in the world of industrial refrigeration. Thanks to this new technology we create automation systems for refrigeration systems with particular attention to reducing energy consumption.


These sectors require considerable electrical power and the reduction in the number of departures and the optimization on the management of refrigeration unit shutdowns allows a greater production yield with a lower electric consumption.

What are the benefits of the Cold 4.0 platform?


Intuitive and simple operator interface. Real-time view of system status, alarms and diagnostics of all devices.


Dynamic programming of departures of compressors and evaporative towers, based on production requirements.


Traceability and historicization of all physical quantities (temperatures, pressures, energy consumption, etc.)


Alarm management with SMS, e-mail or voice call to the maintenance technician.


Maintenance planning.


Extensibility over time and ease of modification.


Real-time monitoring of process parameters. Reports creations on the conservation data of the individual cold rooms, number of departures and energy consumption.


ERP dialogue with production data input on relational databases and data analysis.

What is the operation of the Cold 4.0 platform?


The management of the systems is managed by a software whose logics allow to control the energy loads and to optimize their consumption in a completely automatic way with automatic selection of the refrigerating units based on the actual need required.


In detail:
Compressor start-up: the automatic system checks the actual cold request and selects the most suitable compressor for that specific cooling capacity.


Start of evaporative condensers: the automatic system checks the actual request for heat dissipation and selects the most suitable group for that specific capacity as well as selecting the start of the fan, the pump or both.


Cells call start: the automatic system controls the actual temperature of the cells and through an appropriate algorithm optimizes the departures, combining the cold requests from several contemporary cells.

The operator has at his disposal an intuitive graphic interface that allows to control the operation of the system by performing operations such as:


  • Priority setting for starting utilities.
  • Cell activation and operating mode.
  • Diagnosis of any malfunctions.
  • Analysis and historicization of the physical quantities of the plan (pressures, temperatures, energy absorption, etc.)




  • HMI / SCADA programming with the main programs (WinCC Flexible, Movicon, Wonderware, etc.)
  • Programming of programmable logics of the main brands (Siemens, Allen
  • Bradley, Schneider, etc.) and with the main languages (Awl, Kop, Scl, Ladder, Codesys, etc.)
  • Saving of data on the main relational databases (SQL Server, Oracle, Access, etc.) through Microsoft .NET scripts or services

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