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Righi Smart Maintenance

Allies in organizing your maintenance


Why worry about the efficiency of your systems, fear breakdowns, production stops, and administrative penalties if you can choose a maintenance software that prevents all of these issues at once?


Smart Maintenance is the data-driven solution for intelligent maintenance. You can access the program from any device (tablet, smartphone, smartwatch etc ..) wherever you are, whenever you want.


No need to install or update anything. Your information are safe and always at your disposal.


Monitor interventions and costs available at any time, thus preventing breakdowns and downtime. With the digitalization of maintenance, the way of working changes and increases the reliability of assets.

Maintenance 4.0


The easiest way to digital begins with maintenance. Use the CMMS on the cloud to collaborate in real time and discover the advantages:


It is a tailor-made solution for every business. It easily adapts to all sectors and company sizes.


Thanks to the app, real-time and anywhere maintenance is possible. With the QR code of the assets, the interventions are just a click away.


An efficient software created by a system integrator expert in digital transformation and automation. Developed on the Google Cloud platform.

The Smart Maintanance app is simple and intuitive, finally you find the functions that really serve for intelligent maintenance:


Planning and maintenance organization.


Synchronized maintenance schedule so that everyone can see it.


Messaging app to verify intervention requests and create new ones.


Reports and KPIs of the activities performed.


Inventory to always have maintenance costs available.


Push-up notifications that give you information on new maintenance requests in real time.