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“Smart Service” is the new software platform, created by Righi Elettroservizi S.p.A. It allows to convert the maintenance activities on electrical plants and cabinets to opportunities with strong benefits in terms of productivity, security, order and cost saving.

Thanks to Smart Service the maintenance service is provided 360°, from the software platform to the maintenance team, which is composed by expert technicians.

The new service “Smart Service” is part of the digital transformation 4.0, that Righi Elettroservizi is pursuing successfully since long time. It is a basic tool because as well as it provides data and analysis, it checks processes, it stores strategic documents, it plans activities, it ensures events’ traceability with technology QR Code.

It will be possible to connect everywhere and every times using the platform from PC or Smartphone. Smart Service disposes of a simple and intuitive interface, that fits all.

Thanks to the new platform, it will be possible to transfer different activities such as:

  • Planning of the maintenance plan activities
  • Opening ticket for the management of emprovement and extraotrdinary maintenance
  • Spare parts management
  • Tehcnical interventions 24/24
  • Management of technical documents
  • Remote monitoring and management of plants
  • Data analysis for predictive maintenance

Righi Elettroservizi SpA puts at your service its competence, punctuality and promptness.

Thanks to the multidisciplinary preparation of Righi’s technicians and the efficient organization we will be able to exceed your expectations.

In addition, with Smart Service will be possible monitor the work every times, by having data related to: intervention modules, improvement advices, plant efficiency, documentation updates and more.

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