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Try and Test 4.0


Try & Test 4.0 is the new software platform, result of the experience gained in the world of test room.


Thanks to this new technology we create non-invasive test control systems that can be used in many sectors such as mechanics, automotive, electrical engineering, consumer etc…

What are the benefits of the Try and Test 4.0 platform?


Intuitive and simple visual interface. Real-time view of system status, alarms and diagnostics of all devices.


Automatic planning of the test to be performed.


Traceability and availability of data in all phases of the test available on SQL server databases.


Possibility to easy cluster the test data and print the test certificates in Excel format.


Self-diagnosis of process anomalies.


Dialogue with the ERP.


Monitoring and reading of test data via high-frequency DAS (data acquisition system).


Maintenance planning.

What is the operation of the Try and Test 4.0 platform?

The «Synoptic» page allows the display of the test circuit with the possibility of selecting different types of test and selecting the following instrumentation:


  • Flow meter
  • Pressure gauges
  • Valves
  • Electric motor
  • Wattmeters / torque meters
  • X-Y accelerometers / probes
  • Lubrication control unit
  • Auxiliaries for mechanical seals
  • Temperature measurements


Each test provides the possibility to perform more tests depending on the expected results and each single data sampling takes place with a frequency of 30kHz.
Through appropriate algorithms the following analyzes and curves are made possible which allow to obtain the performance and test certificates:


  • Time Analysis (ScopeARmsA-eakA …. A Overlapping Integration)
  • Spectral Analysis (FFT A FRF A Overlapping Windows)
  • Order Analysis (Phase Module) – Orbits – Aenter Shaft
  • Aolormap & Waterfall diagrams TempoAFreq – TempoAOrdini – RpmAFreq – RpmAOrdini
  • Analysis of Modal Transfer and Analysis Functions
  • TimeAOrderAAampbell Dynamic Analysis Report

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