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Nitrogen generator – ENI

Nitrogen generator – ENI

Country and reference standards

Italy ( IEC )


Nitrogen generation plant REF. Eni Val d’Agri.

Description of the supply

Realization of software and control panels for skid compressors, dryers and nitrogen generators. Development of plant management system consisting of 1 general control panel, 2 compressors, 2 dryers and 2 generators. Operator interface realization (HMI). Modbus communication system to system DCS.

Technology used


Distinctive elements

Redundant S7-400H architecture for the general control of the plant that centralizes the instrumentation connected to the elements that make up the nitrogen generation process.

Customers benefits

Reduction of automation and wiring costs, thanks to the use of a single high availability unit (S7-400H) and the decentralization of all the inputs / outputs that are locally connected on the individual skids.