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Digital Converting

Digital Converting

Country and reference standards

Italy ( IEC ) CEI EN 60204-1



Description of the supply

Feasibility study, prototyping engineering, hardware / software design,
Testing, and engineering for standardization for the purpose of mass production.

Technology used

Safety, motion control, hmi, scada, opc ua, sql.

Distinctive elements

Use of superimposed sicronisms and buffers to integrate on a single machine units with intermittent work and units with continuous work to reach 150m / of line speed with a maximum error of 0.05 mm; intuitive man / machine interface with the possibility of receiving all the job settings to be performed directly from the company management and activating them when reading a barcode on the reel.

Customers benefits

Versatility, performance, waste reduction, the possibility of saving all the processing parameters and being able to quickly recall them, reduced power consumption thanks to energy regeneration.