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Biopolymer production plant

Biopolymer production plant

Country and reference standards

Patrica (FR), Italia (IEC)


Automation of biopolymer entire production process. The system includes the realization of the interface system with the DCS of the plant for the control of all the production process.

Description of the supply

Electrical and instrumental engineering and automation of bioplymer entire prodution process. The supply also includes secondary distribution panels, automation panels, local control panels.

Technology used


Distinctive elements

Siemens Fail-safe CPU S7, Siemens Local HMI , profinet networks for the I/O distribution and for fieldbus equipment, ethernet communication cards, modbus TCP protocal base for the communication with the factory DCS.

Customers benefits

It is a high efficiency plant and can ensure standards of quality, evironment and security with a complex utilities system that allows to minimize costs and wastes throught the recovery and enhacement of the waste with a view of circular economy and sustainability. It is also a further element for bioeconomy chain with the realization of bioproducts designed to protect soil and water on a necessary network of collaborations and interactions.